Social Health Science Notes

Important Points :

→ Due to advent of technology, our life styles are changing. Each person is becoming more and more self-centred. They are not concerned with anything other than their daily routine and favourite jobs.

→ Along with physical health, importance of cleanliness and staying fit keeps the social and mental health of a person. Concept of health encompasses, physical, mental and social health.

Social Health Science Notes

Social health :

Factors affecting the social health :

  • Satisfying basic needs of people – food, clothing, shelter, medicines
  • Residential areas
  • Education and job opportunities
  • Transport facilities
  • Social security
  • Education
  • Social treatment
  • Social environment of the surroundings.
  • Social and Physical conditions of the surrounding
  • Playgrounds
  • Gardens
  • Water
  • Toilets
  • Financial status
  • Political conditions (views)

→ Social health : The ability of a person to establish relationship with other persons is … called social health One of the important characteristic of social health is the ability to change one’s own behaviour according to changing social conditions.

The factors necessary for good social health:

  • Strong personality, having large number of friends and relatives.
  • Proper time management, trust in others, respect and acceptance for others.

Social Health Science Notes

Factors disturbing or endangering the social health :

Mental Stress :

  • Due to population explosion, there is increased competition in every aspect such as education,
    employment and business.
  • Due to nuclear families and working parents, children are facing the problems of loneliness and mental stress. Parents and especially mother being away from home has resulted into stress in children.
  • There is unequal treatment given to girl and a boy from the same house. The discrimination between brother and sister causes mental stress to girls due to such gender inequality.
  • In community, the adolescent girls are faced with the problems like teasing and molestation.

→ All the people are facing the stress due to ever increasing disorder, crime and violence. People are in the quest of getting ‘fast and easy money’ become part of the system of crime. This is a social illness which is very hazardous effect of changing attitudes of people.

Addiction :

→ In adolescent age group, there is tremendous pressure of peers. This peer-group influence can be at times wrong, if the friends are not good. Instead of following advice of parents, the adolescent girls and boys tend to listen to the wrong advices of their friends.

→ Due to lack of parental supervision, children in their early age start using tobacco, cigarette, gutkha, alcoholic drinks, drugs, etc. This may be due to peer pressure.

→ The children fall into the trap of addictions either due to peer-group pressure or due to false symbol of high standard living. Sometimes they try to imitate their elders.

→ The addictive substances are hazardous, and they cause long term effects. Some are temporarily intoxicating substances obtained from the plants. While some of the chemical ingredients in them can permanently damage the human nervous system, muscular system, heart, etc. Some tobacco like substances are carcinogenic in action especially on the mouth and lungs.

Chronic diseases :

→ Chronic diseases such as AIDS, TB, leprosy can spoil the social health. Care of patients of mental disorders and that of the old persons is very crucial to keep the social health in proper order.

Social Health Science Notes

→ Due to changing pattern of our life style, there is increase in old age homes. In order to maintain the social health, we have to care for the older people in our community. Similarly, mentally disturbed patients should be given love and care along with prompt medical help.

→ Addiction leads a person to hell. One can often see men under the influence of alcohol, fallen on the streets. The drug addicts too are very unhygienic and dirty. They also have criminal tendencies. Alcohol and drug cause loss of conscious thinking among the addicts, They cannot think rationally and logically.

→ Their thought process is hampered and thus though he is an intelligent human being, his intellect is totally lost. People like these are curse to the society. Such pitiful condition of man is absolutely improper.

→ If alcohol is manufactured in a wrong way by using any substrates, it forms the poisonous chemicals. Such chemicals can be lethal too.

→ Any kind of alcohol is basically produced by the fermentation of the substrate. If the method adapted for making alcohol is wrong, then it can also make lethal solution that causes death after consuming the alcohol.

→ Alcohol consumption can cause long term effects too. The entire family of the alcoholic is devastated. Due to alcohol, entire nervous system, and especially brain, liver and kidneys are harmed permanently. Health is affected for ever.

Social Health Science Notes

→ In the growing age if alcohol is consumed, the brain development does not take place in a proper way. All the faculties such as learning, memory, thinking, and reasoning are reduced because of alcohol. Along with disturbed physical health, mental and social health is also affected due to alcoholism.

Communication Media and excessive use of Modern Technology :

→ Modern technology and communication media have drastically changed the lives of people. Mobile phone has become an addiction that can endanger the social health. People remain constantly on the phones.

→ Due to addiction to electronic media, various physical problems like tiredness, headache, insomnia, (inability to sleep) forgetfulness, tinnitus (ringing or buzzing in the ears), joint pains and problems in vision are on rise. This may be due to radiation of cell phones.

→ Such radiations penetrate the bones of children causing damage. Person who are on computers and internet continuously become solitary. They remain aloof and do not have contact with his or her relatives and members of society. This leads to self-centredness. They lose the sensitivity towards others.

→ Note: As mentioned in the textbook, (Page no. 104, 2nd paragraph) persons addicted to electronic media do not develop autism. Autism is an Inborn problem caused due to change in the genes. If embryo faces oxygen deficiency, the baby is born with autism. It is a hereditary disorder. Children will not get autism by excessive use of cell phones.

Social Health Science Notes

→ However, some research reveals that the radiations of the cell phone can cause genetic mutations in sperms or ova in the parents which may give rise to greater percentage of abnormal children through heredity.

→ The cartoon serial, ‘Sinchan’ was banned in 2008 by the information and broadcasting ministry, on the grounds of undesirability of its content.

→ The ministry believed that parents were worried about the unruly comments and acts shown on the show. The cartoon series showed a naughty five-year-old boy making the life of his parents miserable. The series was having a negative impact on kids. As many parents requested the Government, the serial was banned

→ Online Blue Whale or Blue Whale Challenge is an internet game which originated in Russia. This is very dangerous game. It reportedly consists of a series of tasks assigned to players by administrators over a 50-day period.

→ In these ‘tasks’ there are challenges like watching horror movie alone, inflict wounds on the body, leaving the house and going anywhere, etc. After performing 50 tasks like these, the final challenge requires the player to commit suicide.

→ Many adolescents have lost their lives due to Blue Whale game. In India too, five children have committed suicide due to blue whale challenge. This game was invented in 2013 by Philipp Budeikin, a 21-year-old former psychology student. He is now arrested in 2016 and is in Russian prison. This game is banned in India.

→ The children who spent solitary life, the children whose parents are not around and those who are in deep stress usually fall into the traps like Blue Whale Game.

→ One must always remember, if you are in stress, talk to your elders, parents or teachers. The problems can be solved by logical and rational thinking. Our life is precious, it should not be wasted.

Social Health Science Notes

→ Negative computer and cell phone games cause children to become negative in their thoughts and actions. They are tremendously time consuming. The concentration in the studies is lost and memorization, understanding of the subjects also become a problem. Some activities like these cause financial loss and it may cost life too. Therefore, one should be vigilant while using such media.

→ The internet has such huge information that it can provide information for every question. But its use should be done for only positive of everyone. Thus they prefer to give payment to the servants or helpers than taking help of their own old parents or in laws.

→ Such paid people do not take care of the children as there is no bond of love between them. Then they beat and commit atrocities on these young babies. Such clips are circulated on the social media.

→ All the above three questions, show a condition of changing social structure. The persons who indulge in beating or harassing are mentally sick people who themselves are under mental stress.

The symptoms of mental ill health :

  • Mentally ill persons are those who are indulging in such destructive and unnatural activities.
  • Selfiecide persons constantly take selfies as they are not aware about their surroundings and the risks that may make them victims. Person indulging in selfie is not aware about the world around and the risks.
  • Persons who commit domestic violence.
  • Suicidal thoughts, sending messages to others and then committing suicides. Such sick people actually need support and they want others to sympathise with them.
  • Spending lots of time on television, computer or cell phone without having conscience about time management is also a sign of mental illness.

Social Health Science Notes

Cybercrimes :

  • Cheating people by misusing personal information.
  • Fraudulent transactions using bank cards.
  • Cheating people in on-line purchases.
  • Hacking of information.
  • Opening fake Facebook accounts and harassing others.
  • Internet piracy.
  • Causing attack by internet virus.

→ ‘Cybercrime unit’ : This is the department that collects the details, and investigate the cybercrime and thereby find the criminal with the help of the internet. This department is under the police department. It has all experts of the field of internet technology.

→ IT Act-2000 :

  • The IT Act is enacted since 17th October 2000.
  • It was amended in 2008.
  • Cybercriminal gets the imprisonment for 3 years or fine up to 5 lakh as a punishment.
  • Maharashtra state is the first state to start cybercrime unit which is controlling the cybercrimes.

The periods of music, drawing or P.T. break the boring routine. The tired brain gets rejuvenated by music or drawing. In P.T., we are taken to the playground where we can play and exercise. These activities reduce the stress, therefore we wait for the periods of music, etc.

Social Health Science Notes

Stress management :

Ways to manage the stress :

  • Laughter club : People gather together and relieve their mental stress by laughing out loudly. It is thought that by laughing together, the stress is reduced.
  • Communicating with all the people who are significant in our life especially with our parents.
  • Expressing our feeling with near and dear ones and noting down our feelings.
  • Hobbies like collecting curios, photography, reading, cooking, sculpturing, drawing. rangoli, dancing, etc. can relieve the stress in a major way.
  • Diverting the energy and mind towards the positive thinking and removing negative thoughts needs to be practised for a stress free life.
  • Learning and listening to the music and singing reduces the stress.
  • Physical and outdoor games, exercise, discipline.
  • Yoga, meditation, deep breathing, yogic sleep techniques.
  • Massaging, visiting the spa too help to relieve the stress.
  • Balanced and good food, and meditation.
  • Enjoying nature, gardening, bird watching, lingering in nature, rearing a pet.

Mental problems :

  • Depression
  • Frustration

Treatment :

  • Medical guidance and help
  • Counselling
  • Psychotherapy
  • Help to be taken from NGO.

Social Health Science Notes

Institutions that offer help :

→ Unified Movement against Tobacco : 45 different well-known organizations such as WHO, Tata trust, etc. have started the movement to control the tobacco consumption. The guidance is also provided to the activists who are active in anti-tobacco campaigns.

→ Salaam Mumbai Foundation : The children from slum area are given opportunities in the field of education, sports, arts and business. The organization also helps the children in field of education and helps them to improve their health and lifestyle. This organization helps each school to take the oath of freedom from tobacco.

→ Government Schemes : Children in distress or facing any type of trouble can call on the helpline set by the Government. Proper help and guidelines are offered to children if they narrate the problem on this helpline.

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